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  • Product Description

Guava puree & Guava concentrate is made from select variety of white and pink guavas, ripened under natural conditions.

The preparation process includes washing, cutting, destoning, refining and packing. In case of aseptic product, the puree is sterilized and packed in presterilised aseptic bags. Frozen puree is pasteurized and deep frozen in blast freezers / plate freezers.

The process ensures that natural flavour and aroma of the fruit is maintained in the final product.

  • Usage

The aromatic flavour and high natural Vitamin C content of the product makes it suitable for blending in variety of ready-to-serve beverage and health drinks.

In addition it can be used in preparing ice-creams, yoghurt and confectionery.

  • Specifications

Brix Degree
White Guava Puree
Min 9

Pink Guava Puree
Min 8

White Guava Concentrate
Min 20


Acidity % C.A.
White Guava Puree
Max 0.80%

Pink Guava Puree
Max 0.90%

White Guava Concentrate
Max 1.40%


3.6 to 4.2

6-12 cm / 30 sec at 25 degree

2-3 cm / 30 sec at 25 degree


Total Count

Max 50
Max 5000


Yeast and Mould

Max 10
Max 200